The International Society for Optics and Photonics
CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics
The mission of SPIE Student Chapter is to advance an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light and provide professional development opportunities for UCF students.
5/4/2018SPIE Student Chapter Seminar: "Career Planning: An Academic Leader's Perspective" by Daniel M. Litynski
4/24/2018SPIE Student Chapter Talk: "100 days in Antarctica" by Sönke Wittek
4/2/2018SPIE Student Chapter Seminar: "Novel laser systems using digital wavefront shaping" by Dr. Juergen Czarske
3/30/2018SPIE Industry Tour: "Luminar"
2/23/2018SPIE Industry Tour: "BRIDG/imec"
2/15/2018SPIE Student Chapter Workshop: "A guide to publishing your work in peer-reviewed journals" by Dr. David J. Hagan and Dr. Ronald Driggers
11/29/2017SPIE Student Chapter Workshop: "Apps Grad Students Should Love" by Sandy Avila
11/17/2017SPIE Student Chapter Workshop: "Mathematica" by Dr. Roy Choudhury
10/6/2017SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "Career Advice for Graduate Students, Post-Docs, and Young Faculty"
11/29/2016SPIE Student Chapter Seminar: "Designing the James Webb Space Telescope" by Dr. Jonathan Arenberg
11/29/2016SPIE Visiting Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan Arenberg "Designing the James Webb Space Telescope"
11/16/2016SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "Long and Sinuous Way in Optics Research - Part II"
7/26/2016SPIE Industry Tour - Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
5/11/2016SPIE Post-Graduate Talk Series: "Perspective of post-graduate life from a researcher working in solar energy" By Kristopher Davis
3/16/2016SPIE CREOL Alumni Talk: "Dangers of Comfort Zone: An entrepreneurial roller coaster ride… in progress" by Dr. Hooman Banaei
3/14/2016SOS/SPIE Student Chapter Seminar: “A Career in the Optics and Photonics Industry” by Dr. Jason Eichenholz
3/4/2016SPIE Faculty Talk: "Thresholdless nanoscale lasers and the promises of metallic nano-cavities" by Dr. Mercedeh Khajavikhan
12/11/2015SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "Long and Sinuous Way in Optics Research" by Dr. Leonid Glebov
11/9/2015SPIE Student Chapter Seminar: "The End of the Semiconductor Industry as We Know It” by Dr. Chris A. Mack
10/23/2015SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "Tiny neutral ones – neutrinos" by Dr. Michael Bass
8/21/2015SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "The Modern World – We Owe It To Physics" by Dr. Michael Bass
6/11/2015SPIE Faculty Talk Series Seminar: “A Creole boy goes to CREOL: Many hands make light work” by Dr. M.J. Soileau
4/24/2015SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "Living the interdisciplinary dream – in a discipline-specific world" by Dr. Kathleen Richardson
2/23/2015OSA, SPIE and IEEE Joint Student Chapter Seminar:"The 3 Laws of Communication" by Dr. Jean-luc Doumont
11/17/2014SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "How Did We Get Here? And what does the past tell us about the future?(surprisingly little, but it is all we have)" by Dr. Lawrence Shah
9/26/2014SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: “Perspectives on a Research Career – from Industrial Research at Bell Communications Research to Academia” by Dr. Peter J. Delfyett
6/5/2014IEEE & SPIE Student Chapter Seminar: "Integrated Microwave Photonics " by Professor José Capmany
5/5/2014SPIE Student Section Symposium on Medical Applications of Optics & Photonics
12/13/2012 SPIE Student Chapter Tea Time Series: "From a technologist to an entrepreneur: Mesdi Systems Inc.", by Brandon Lojewski – the Founder and President
11/28/2012SPIE wants to hear from you!
10/26/2012SPIE Student Chapter Tea Time Series (Open forum): “BRING UP LOCAL INDUSTRIES: LightPath Technologies”, by Vice President Alan Symmons
4/25/2012Seminar: "Development and application of laser driven coherent x-ray sources", Christian Spielmann
5/20/2011SPIE Symposium 2011: "Life After Grad School"
2/18/2011SPIE Student Chapter Donut Series - Dr. Boreman
2/12/2011SPIE Medical Imaging: The Latest Research on Image Processing, CAD, PACS, Ultrasonic Imaging, and More
9/25/2009SPIE Seminar: "Power Scaling of Diffraction-Limited Fiber Sources"
5/24/2006SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Meeting
5/3/2005SPIE Student Chapter seminar: "Discrete Nonlinear Optics" - Dr. George Stegeman
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