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SPIE Student Chapter Faculty Talk Series: "The Modern World – We Owe It To Physics" by Dr. Michael Bass

Celebrating the International Year of Light 2015


Michael Bass

Emeritus Professor, CREOL the College of Optics and Photonics


In the 1990’s, together with a colleague from the Philosophy department and having read James Burke’s book “Connections”, we put together an honors college course called “The Culture of Science”. That course was very successful.  I gave a shortened version of it as a lunchtime series at CREOL, and it morphed into the course I now give at CREOL called the “History of Science”.  It seems some other department has dibs on the word ‘culture’.  As the course evolved, as do all things, I realized that physics was responsible for the modern world in ways that are only obvious when someone explains the connections. I will try to do that in this talk.


Michael Bass received his PhD in Physics from the University of Michigan and is Professor Emeritus of Optics at UCF. His current research interests are in modeling high power optically pumped, solid-state lasers, thermal management of high power diode laser pump sources, the use of volume Bragg gratings in solid state laser resonators, and novel, all optical two and three dimensional displays. Dr. Bass is a Fellow of both the Optical Society of America and the IEEE.

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Posted Friday, August 21, 2015

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