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SPIE CREOL Alumni Talk: "Dangers of Comfort Zone: An entrepreneurial roller coaster ride… in progress" by Dr. Hooman Banaei

Hooman Banaei 


In this talk, I will share a roller coaster ride experience… not the ones at the Disney theme parks though… one from my own entrepreneurial journey since 2013. I will share some of my challenges, how I overcame them, and what I would do differently if a time machine would take me back to 2013 or before. I will also share personal views on dangers of staying in a comfort zone which could potentially be more severe than those involved in roller coaster rides outside of the comfort zone.

E-mail Alex Sincore if you are interested in joining Hooman after his talk for coffee and to discuss potential job openings at his company: Everix.


Hooman Banaei left his optics research at CREOL in 2013 after he graduated with his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. His research topics at CREOL included theoretical investigation of simultaneous photonic and acoustic bandgaps, modeling and fabrication of micro-embossed and micro-etched optical components on multi-material fiber tips for sensing applications and luminescent polymer optical fibers for solar energy harvesting. Prior to that, he had earned degrees in physics and photonics while conducting experimental research on transmissive and reflective optical gratings for fast optical switching in liquid crystal/polymer composites.

Since his graduation from CREOL/UCF, Hooman has been building a start-up company, Everix Optical Filters, commercializing the first high-performance plastic-based interference optical filters enabling several markets that traditional deposition-based filters could not address. Everix was the first place winner of the $50,000 Cade Museum Prize in 2015 and was recently featured as one of the Faces of Technology by the Florida High-Tech magazine.

Hooman’s entrepreneurial journey is going from one difficult (but joyful) phase into another challenging (but joyful) phase. 

For additional information:

Alex Sincore

Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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