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SPIE Student Chapter Tea Time Series: "From a technologist to an entrepreneur: Mesdi Systems Inc.", by Brandon Lojewski – the Founder and President

Brandon Lojewski
Founder and President of Mesdi Systems, Inc.

SPIE invite you to enjoy an afternoon tea and a great journey of Brandon Lojewski. At this young age, he brought up what he had learned from his research into a business plan competition, won the award and started up a company. He will be sharing his experience of competing in various student business plan competitions and what it is like being a technologist and entrepreneur.

Brandon Lojewski is the founder and President of Mesdi Systems, Inc., a spin-out from UCF commercializing advanced spray equipment for manufacturing precision coatings and powders in energy and medical applications. Mr. Lojewski led Mesdi and UCF to a $100k victory at the ACC Clean Energy Challenge, a clean energy business plan competition for student led, university spin-out companies in the southeast US.
Mr. Lojewski received his BS in Mechanical Engineering at UCF in 2010, and is currently finishing his MS in Mechanical Engineering at UCF.

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Posted Thursday, December 13, 2012

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